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South Maui Sports Chiropractic is a sports injury chiropractic firm that was opened by Dr. Michael Pierner. Serving all of Kihei, HI, we strive to provide our clients with lasting relief from any pain they’re experiencing and to work with them through recovery from any injury. 

In 1976, Dr. Pierner graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. He has been practicing chiropractic medicine ever since, giving him 41 years of experience treating patients. After visiting a friend in Maui in 1979, Dr. Pierner decided to move his California practice to Maui. He held offices in Lahaina, Wailuku, Pukalani, Kahului, and Wailea before settling in Kihei. 

Our patients can expect 30-40 minutes of face-time with Dr. Pierner for typical appointments. After performing thorough diagnostic tests, including a discussion about your experience of your particular issue, we will use force and non-force techniques depending on preference, diagnosis, and symptoms. 

We specialize in a number of different chiropractic methods, making us diversely suited to treat many different chiropractic problems, including sports injuries and the kind of musculosketal injuries and pain commonly found in veterans. To restore mobility to a specific vertebra or joint, we use the Activator Method, which involves a small, handheld instrument that delivers a gentle impulse force to the spine. Familiarity with Gonstead Analysis gives us the ability to recognize and correct often overlooked misalignments in the lower parts of the spine. The focus is to be as accurate and specific as possible, exclusively addressing the problem areas. With the Pettibon Rehabilitation System, patients take active part in their rehabilitation. While waiting for their doctor, they stretch and warm-up their muscles; the goal is to strengthen postural muscles and build endurance both in and out of the office.

Meet Dr. Pierner

Dr. Michael Pierner graduated from WesternStates Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon in 1976 and has been treating patients for the last 41 years. Dr. Michael has developed his own personal technique based on thousands of patients and hundreds of continuing education hours, which he likes to call 'Pierner-fied'. His base techniques can be classified under Diversified, Activator Method, Gonstead, Pettibond Rehabilitaion and Kenesio Taping. His methods are 'hands-on' and patients refer to him as a 'whacker-cracker'. Depending on preference and symptoms he uses force and non-force techniques. A typical appointment will be 30-40 minutes of face time.   

Service Menu

Chiropractic Treatment/Follow Up- 30 Minutes
Dr. Pierner may perform one or more of the many different types of Chiropractic adjustments in combination with Activator Release technique, motorized Flexion-Distraction, Thompson-Drop technique, Pettibond rehabilitative releasers, elec stim, etc. 
Chiropractic/New Patient Visit & Treatment- 45 Minutes
Examination, range-of-motion, history, current symptoms. Assessment and diagnosis with future expectations of treatment frequency and recovery. Concludes with Chiropractic adjustment, varying modalities, suggested home exercise regime and stretches. 
Kinesio Taping Method - Lasts for days, safe for Pediatric to Geriatric - 15 mins - $35.00   
A definitive rehabilitative taping technique designed to facilitate the body's natural healing process while providing support & stability to muscles & joints without restricting range of motion and provides extended soft tissue manipulation.   
Acupuncture Session (Follow Up) 60 Minutes-$80

Acupuncture Session (New Patient) 60 Minutes-$100  

60 Minute Therapeutic Massage-$75
90 Minute Therapeutic Massage 90 Minutes- $100

120 Minute Therapeutic Massage- $150
90 Minute Hot Stone/Lomilomi Massage Session - 90 mins -$130.00   

120 Minute Hot Stone/Lomilomi Massage Session - 120 mins - $150.00   
3 Hour Premium Temple Style Lomilomi Session - 180 mins - $230.00   
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"I've seen Dr. Pierner three times now after battling lower back pain off and on over the years. He diagnosed the issues the first visit."

"I'll keep coming back to this guy for the next few weeks or months because I trust him & it's working!" 

~Jeff M.   
"But, more importantly, he gave me insight on what to avoid. My back is really getting now thanks to what I've learned from him. I think the adjustments have helped too. "  

"Dr. Pierner is the best chiropractor I have EVER been to, and he is the only one I go to now. I have tried many over the years and he is the one who has helped me the most. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and he is a really good person and fun to talk with during the appointment. He doesn't push you into a series of pricey appointments, he only does what is needed to help you most." 
~Gail S.  
"Their prices are reasonable and it definitely isn't some high pressure office where they try to sell you stuff you don't need (or want)." 

"Best chiropractor on Maui. I've been coming here for years. Better than my chiropractor on the mainland."
~Kathy O.   

Our Chiropractic Services

-       30-40 Minutes of Face-Time per Appointment

-       Massage Services

-       Acupuncture Services

-       Chiropractic Services

-       Activator Method

-       Gonstead Analysis

-       Pettibon Rehabilitation System

-       Kinesio Taping Method

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a chiropractor can’t help you. For joint, spine, and other pain that just won’t dissipate, call South Maui Sports Chiropractic today.  

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